Thoughts #1:
There’ve been times in my life when I was afraid.
I ran and hid,
Even dug my own grave.

There’ve been times when I don’t know why I did what I did.
I’d put up walls and make everyone fall.

I didn’t care about the pain I caused.
I’d run around with a disguise,
But it was really fear I kept inside.

Then you came along and made me pause.
You opened my eyes to see,
Not everyone’s like them, maybe it was always me.

Restore me, cause I can’t seem
To make it past these walls.
Even when I said this wouldn’t happ’n again
I find myself having withdrawals.

I wished they would break them down,
Understand me, save me, break me, love me,
Make me feel like I deserved a crown.

But soon I saw that life wasn’t for me.
I settled for less than,
Sold myself short of how it should be.

After time passed,
You came along.
You made me forget my past,
And made me feel strong.

You gave me what others couldn’t-
The love, the faith, the courage-
I truly believe you were heaven sent.
You made me feel like the one in the carriage.

I no longer watch from the side lines,
I’m able to take part,
And see what it’s like to be the one who shines.
I’ve now made a new start.

You’re in my life, and there’s no turning back.
I’ve made up my mind,
I’m giving all of my life this time.

You make me happy, I hope you’re happy, too.
I guess all I’m trying to say is
I’m crazy in love with you.

Thoughts #2:
In the midst of a raging sea,
You are the one that comforts me.
And when the winds get strong,
With you I could never go wrong.

There is hope in the strength of Your embrace.
When I’m sinking I try to look on your face.
But I’m overwhelmed by the stress of life.
Won’t you come and be my light?
Oh, won’t you come and be my light.

As the waves started overcoming me,
You whispered something so tenderly.
“Baby, I’ll never let you drown.
Baby, I’ll never let you down.”


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