What’s my age again?

I wish I could say I’ve made it past this. I wish I could say I don’t allow my age to define my choices anymore. But the truth is that would be a lie. I frequently struggle with the fact that I’m only 23 years old.


I’ve always felt much older than I am. Because of circumstances in my life, I matured much quicker than the average human being. This caused me to frequently feel out of place with my own age group. I made friends with people older than me and always dated older guys. I had no problem holding conversations with adults and giving advice to people that were younger than me. Now that I have a child, I feel even older than I already felt. However, just because I have a child and matured quicker than normal doesn’t change the fact of my actual age. I have so many dreams and desires to fulfill, yet I allow my age to determine when those desires will be fulfilled. I feel small at work because I’m the youngest. When I consult with a patient, in my mind I often feel they’re judging me or not taking me seriously because I’m young (and look even younger than my age). The dreams I want to accomplish would never be accomplished by a person my age. How could they? How would anyone take me seriously?

Recently the Lord reminded me of the infamous scripture in 1 Timothy 4:12 (ESV) that says:

“Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.”

I’ve always known this scripture, but it wasn’t until now that it really started resonating within me. I’m at an age that I’m able to “do more”, yet I’m limiting myself because I keep believing that I’m still not old enough. After re-reading 1 Timothy 4:12, God told me, “Taylor, you say you’re too young; I say you’re just the right age. The things you’ll accomplish at your age will be unheard of, yet I’ve set these desires in your heart for a reason. Because of your age, I’ll get all the credit.”

Even though I’m still learning to forget my age and just live the life God wants me to live, I want to encourage you to not let your age define you. Who cares if you’re a teenager and feel you have Godly wisdom to share? Go share it! If you believe you’re too young to start a business, think again. You want to move somewhere but are afraid because you’re too young? Take that first step and see where God leads you. On the flip side, if you believe you’re too old to do something, think again! Go back to school, write that book, build that dream home… Whatever it is, age shouldn’t be the deciding factor of whether a dream is fulfilled.

I’m urging you to trust the plan God has for you, despite your age. You’re “young” or “old”, but who cares? Age shouldn’t matter when it comes to the bigger picture God has for you. If it’s His will, it will prevail, whether you’re fifteen, twenty-five, or fifty-five… He has set a plan for you to accomplish and as long as you trust His plan for you, your age will only bring glory to Him in the end.

2 responses to “What’s my age again?

    • Girl, it’s a struggle trying to encourage others and still hearing that voice remind you of your age. I have to fight against that lie every day. The age doesn’t matter — God is what matters, and if He wants to use a young person or an older person, He will. Thanks for the reminder that I’m not the only one who struggles with this!

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