5 thank you’s to my future husband

Just for the heck of it, play this song while reading this post.

Dear future husband,
I don’t know where to begin. First off, you’re obviously the sexiest person alive. Thank you for choosing me to be your sidekick for life. I’m so excited about experiencing the biggest adventure of my life — marriage with you.
Before getting married, there are a few things I’d like for you to know.

1. Thank you for taking me as I am.
Seriously. I’ve dated many different people that made me feel like I was never good enough for them. I dated people that wanted to change everything about me. I even dated people that wanted to accept me as I was, but they couldn’t look past certain choices I made. So, thank you. Thank you for loving me despite what I’ve done. Thank you for choosing to marry me as I am, not someone you can potentially tweak into your dream girl.

2. Thank you for looking past the past.
As already stated, I’ve dated around. I have a child with someone. I’ve told people I loved them. I lived with a boyfriend. I have a past that I carried around for many years. I had trouble trusting. I hated men. I was unable to forgive people. I was angry, jealous, and fearful. But that was Taylor pre-Jesus. Thank you, thank you, thank you for looking at pre-Jesus Taylor and post-Jesus Taylor and loving me the same. Thank you for not judging me based on the choices I made in the past. Thank you for understanding the past is in the past and it’s time to build the future.

3. Thank you for letting me encourage you.
I can’t say this enough — thank you for letting me speak encouragement to you. My first spiritual gift is exhortation. I’m an encourager. I encourage from the moment my feet hit the ground in the mornings until my head hits the pillow at night. I kill people with encouragement. Thank you for allowing me to encourage you and speak positivity into your life. Thank you for not letting my words go in one ear and out the other. I also want to thank you for your constant encouragement. Because I’m always pouring encouragement into others, I daily need encouragement poured back into me. Obviously I get this by spending time with God every day, but I also believe it’s important to receive it from you as well.

4. Thank you for putting Jesus before me.
I believe the chain of priorities should be in this order — Jesus, spouse, children. Thank you for loving Jesus more than you love me (and our children). Thank you for making your relationship with Him known to others and to me. Your love for Him shines through you every day and it encourages me to want to press deeper into my relationship with Christ. I only hope that I also make you want to pursue God more and more every day.

5. Thank you for being human.
You’re human. We all make mistakes. I don’t care what anyone says — none of us are perfect. When you fail at something, that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. I believe the areas in our lives that have thrived the most are areas that we once failed in. Don’t believe the lie that you have to be perfect and make our lives together just like the movies portray. I fully believe our love for each other will be an example to others of a Godly relationship — not because we didn’t make any mistakes in our marriage, but because we learned from the mistakes.

So hurry up and show yourself to me so I can say this to your face 😉 I’ve prayed for you for an extremely long time. I know God has awesome plans for us as individuals, but an even bigger plan for us as a couple.

Yours truly,


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