Frantic mornings of a control freak

My weekday mornings are run on a routine. I wake up at 6 (occasionally 6:20 when I’m feeling cozy with the snooze button), do some devotions, get dressed, and eat breakfast. Then I wake up my son, Isaac, for 7:00, get him dressed and fed, and (hopefully) head out the door no later than 7:35.

This morning’s schedule ran a little differently.

photo 2 (3)^^ This is pretty much how I looked and felt this morning ^^

Instead of me waking Isaac up, he woke me. At 5:30 in the stinking morning. For anyone who knows me well, they know I already struggle to try and wake up for 6:00, much less 5:30. So what did I do? I did what any non-morning-person mother that loves sleep did — ignored his crying. Duh. However, after 10 minutes of crying, I knew there was no chance he was falling back asleep. I decided to try another idea. I grabbed him out of his bed and brought him in mine. That worked in the past… But not this morning. He apparently thought going in my room was a game. How do kids wake up so lively and happy every morning (even before having breakfast)? After trying to manage keeping him pinned in the bed and me trying to sleep, I (half way) gave up. I still had hope that maybe I could get a few more minutes of sleep. So I let him walk around my room while I closed my eyes and tried to at least get ten more minutes of precious sleep. I’m pretty certain Isaac’s thoughts about that were “Haha! Not a chance”, because he walked up to me and started hitting me on the head. No lie. Literally started hitting me. On the head. Over and over and over.
Finally I gave up. I jumped out of bed, brought Isaac in the living room, and told him I was going to change clothes and would be right back. During the 15 seconds of me changing, Isaac some how managed to go through a box of his old toys that were sitting on the living room coffee table and spread them all over the room. (I have full intentions of getting rid of those toys. I swear they haven’t been sitting on the table for over a week…) Then my (usually) well behaved and trained dog decided she was going to start chewing on those toys Isaac spread everywhere. I walked back in the living room to what looked like a bomb went off. I quickly picked the toys up, put Pearl (my dog) in her room, dressed Isaac, and fed him some breakfast. His absolute favorite thing to eat is yogurt. This morning he decided after eating his yogurt, he was going to use mommy’s pants leg as a napkin for his face. Needless to say, I have a nice yogurt stain on my left pants leg to remember this morning by.

photo (1) ^^ Isaac just wrestling with Pearl, no big deal ^^

As I started getting ready for work, I felt composure was coming back in my day. I was still having to keep Isaac away from the flat iron and out of the trash (because all of a sudden he decided this morning that he likes to eat used Q-tips… Ew), but I felt like I had control again. Then it happened. I heard silence. All mothers know silence is the loudest noise any child can make. I knew he was doing something he’s not supposed to, and honestly, part of me just wanted to let him do whatever he was doing. However, I’m trying to teach him discipline so I knew I had to check on him. I walked into the living room calling his name. Then I saw his head pop out of the kitchen. He managed to take all of our paper plates and Ziploc containers out of the cabinet and was sitting in the cabinet. By this point, time was starting to cut close and I still hadn’t eaten breakfast or fully gotten dressed (I was walking around with one sock on, hair all over the place, and my scrubs untied). Usually I’d have made Isaac put the plates and containers away, but I didn’t have time. I quickly put everything back and tried to remain calm. Then I heard a crash. Isaac was in the bath tub and pulled the soap containers in the tub with him. By this point, you may be wondering a few things: Is Isaac ADHD? How is he able to go from one room to the next so quickly? Does he possess super-fast powers like Dash from The Incredibles? I’ll answer this for you. Yes, I’m convinced he does possess some power… I don’t know how kids do it, but they must have some sort of super-power that gives them limitless amounts of energy. That’s the only logical explanation.
I finally finished getting ready and had about ten minutes to spare. So I decided to grab a quick breakfast and head for work. As I was preparing breakfast, Isaac started fussing about absolutely nothing. I can take crying over a fall. I can take the constant pulling at the leg. I can even take kids fighting over a toy. But the one thing I cannot take is whining, especially when it’s over nothing. That was it. I had enough. I turned to Isaac, looked him dead in the eye and said, “Isaac, mommy is trying to be early for once. Would you PLEASE help me out here?” Instantly, Isaac put his thumb in his mouth and took a seat in the middle of the kitchen. I didn’t hear a peep from him the rest of the morning (even in the car on the way to daycare). I laughed and said a quick thanks to God.

I find frantic mornings like this help keep me in perspective. They help remind me life’s not all about me and I’m not always going to be in control. Life is not always going to work out according to my cookie-cutter plans. Giving up control to God is the best decision I’ve ever made. I can breathe and know I’m covered under God’s protection. No more over worrying about the future. I trust God has a plan for me that’s so much better than anything I can make up. I’ve tried living life the way I thought it should work and it always failed. I’ve said this a million times before and I’ll say it again. What we think is plan B is always God’s plan A for us.

“You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.”
– Proverbs 19:21

What are you trying to keep all grips on in your life?

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