The most romantic love story ever told

I’ve been in and out of relationships since the age of 12. I’ve dated what the world deems as a “good” guy and what the world deems as a “bad” guy. I’ve been manipulated and cheated on countless times in relationships. I’ve also manipulated and cheated on people. I’ve been lied to, and I’ve lied. I’ve had sex and had a child. With such a “dirty” past, I used to often wonder what can I give of myself to my future husband? Maybe I can’t give my virginity to my husband, but I can give him my heart. Then it hit me. I can honestly say I’ve never truly been in love. Until now.

I know a man that is good. I know a man that knows every single thing about my past, and still chooses to love me. Despite the many times I’ve tried to run from him, he still takes me back. Every. Single. Time. If I cry myself to sleep at night, he’s there immediately to wipe my tears and embrace me. What I love most about him is that he’s faithful. He’s loyal to me and faithful to what he says. If he says he’s going to provide something for me, he always does. If he says everything’s going to be okay, it always is. When he says he loves me, I believe him 100%. This man makes me laugh on a daily basis. I hope I do the same for him. We talk every day, not just about the daily activities we’re facing, but about life and what’s going on in our heads. I love him with every single part of my being. I’m convinced we have the most romantic love story ever told.

This is your story, too.

This man loves you as much as he loves me. He’s on a relentless pursuing for your heart. He’s faithful. He’s loving. He’s compassionate. He’s stern. He’s romantic. His name is Jesus.

I’ve been reading through the book of Hosea. Hosea was a prophet that called out to God’s people countless times to repent and be restored. God chose Hosea to become a living example of God’s relentlessness, patience, grace, longing, and love for us. I highly recommend anyone that needs to see God as the redeemer to read this book. It’s the perfect example of true romance and redemption.

This is a story written for all of us. I believe God chose Hosea to depict his pursuit for us as a reminder. When we fall, stumble, trip; God is there to pick us up, embrace us, and forgive us. You have the most romantic love story ever told. Doesn’t it have a different effect when you personalize his love for you? When you start to see his love for you is endless and unconditional, you start to see how special you truly are to him. The same goes for if we have a personal relationship with Christ. The more personal we make it – the more we save a portion of our day for spending time with him – the more we start to understand how personal he makes his relationship with us.

I may have never been in love with a man on earth, but I know I’m head-over-heels, passionately, undoubtedly in love with Jesus. He has me completely wrapped around his finger. Even if I’m to never be in love with another man, I’m content in knowing Jesus has my heart.

The band Leeland wrote a song entitled, I wonder. It perfectly depicts what true love is and how when it’s understood, we’re captivated and in complete wonder. Remember, this love is for you.

3 responses to “The most romantic love story ever told

  1. This was really good Tay. I know it will speak to the hearts of many. Keep on writing…. Is the song posted? I couldn’t get it to play.

    • It should be posted as a YouTube video insert. I’ll check it out to see why it’s not playing.
      Also, in response to your other comment – I pray over all my blog posts. I don’t want just my words to be written. I want it to be God speaking through me.

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