You in control vs. God in control

“Therefore let all Israel be assured of this: God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Messiah.”
– Acts 2:36

Messiah: “a savior of a particular group or cause.”
Lord: “someone or something having power, authority, or influence; a master or ruler.”

For years I made Christ my Messiah (savior), but I didn’t allow Him to be Lord of my life. I knew if I died, I’d have gone to heaven. But I didn’t want to let go of how I wanted to run my life. After all, it was MY life… right? I wanted to be in control of my friends, my career, the people I dated, and even the mentors over me. All that did for me was lead me down a long, painful road that eventually made me want to submit every part of my life to Christ.

Jesus is to be our Savior AND Lord of our lives, not just one or the other.

Most people don’t want to believe in Christianity because they think they have to stop doing the things they consider to be fun. They don’t like the idea of having to submit to a God they can’t see. They don’t want “the big man upstairs” to “strike them down” the first time they mess up.
Let me be the first to say being a Christian is fun! Being a Christian doesn’t mean you’ll become a recluse and have no friends because you’re always at church. Something non-believers don’t understand is that once you become a Christian and submit your life to Christ, you don’t have a desire to do what the world deems fun. Since I became a Christian, I’ve been full of joy. Joy means that even through trials and hard times, I will remain at peace because my God, the prince of peace, lives within me.
Submitting to Christ is hard; it’s something I have to do daily. Submitting means I’m giving God full control of anything and everything that happens in my life.
I always found it funny to hear people say God is in the sky waiting to rain fire and lightening on us. God won’t “strike you down” as they say. My God is merciful, peaceful, generous, stern, loving, the prince of peace, and the lord of lords. According to Isaiah 54:10, God LOVES us and has granted a promise of peace to us – “the mountains and hills may crumble, but my love for you will never end; I will keep forever my promise of peace.” So says the Lord who loves you.” In Isaiah 9:6, it describes Jesus at birth – “a child is born to us! A son is given to us! And he will be our ruler. He will be called, “Wonderful Counselor,” “Mighty God,” “Eternal Father,” “Prince of Peace.” Does this sound like a God sitting in the clouds, spying on us and waiting for us to mess up? No, not at all.

When we completely submit to Christ and make him our Savior AND Lord, life finally begins. I remember who I was before I put my full trust in God… I doubted. I was angry. I was confused. I was hurt. I had horrible self-worth. I daily contemplated the point of life.
I still struggle on a daily basis, but I am continually drawn to my knees in awe of Christ and all Hes done for me. Even when I make a mistake or don’t trust His plan, He sticks by my side.
He doesn’t give up on us, so why should we?

Ask yourself, have you made Christ your Lord as well as Savior? If not, why aren’t you trusting Him?

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  1. Dear Taylor, I am having trouble getting this message to you; so will end this message now, and then simply send the second part in a moment. Norman

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