What better time to write about prayer than on National Day of Prayer?

The power of prayer

Recently I spent the evening in the New Orleans area (about an hours distance from my home). It was a little after 8 pm and Isaac started getting fussy. It was his usual time for going to bed, and he’s typically an adaptable baby (meaning he doesn’t usually have problems when his routine isn’t going as planned). However, on this night he didn’t want to be in his car seat, he didn’t want to be held, and he didn’t want to be out doing things. All Isaac wanted was to be at home in his bed sleeping.  I decided to cut the night short and start making our way home. Our route home included a 35 minute drive on a bridge. I figured once I got the car moving, Isaac would eventually fall asleep, or so I thought… He screamed and cried and choked and barfed and screamed and choked some more; all things that make mommy’s panic.
Imagine it – driving on a bridge that you know you can’t stop on. Your child starts choking. What do you do?
I cried. And I begged Isaac to quit, ha! Then my next reaction was to question God. What’s wrong with him? Why is he acting like this? Immediately I felt convicted. Just earlier that day I was uniting together with other believers across America praying for our country, thanking God for this national day of prayer. And the moment I should start praying to God, I instead started questioning God. It’s funny how we do that. It’s easy to pray when things are going well, but what about when things are tough? What about when things are going on around you that you don’t understand and you can’t control?
God showed me some things during that car ride. Listening to Isaac scream to the point that he was choking, I wanted to do all I could to make it better for him. But I couldn’t. There was nothing I could do in that moment to help soothe him; except for calling on God. In moments when we’re facing tough situations and we don’t know what to do, praying to God is the only thing we can do; and the one thing that’ll help us get through that situation.
God also showed me an illustration. If I were to flip that night around, making it so I were like Isaac (screaming and crying out for help) and God were me, imagine what it must be like. Let me explain. Although Isaac is only 5 months old, I can just imagine what he was thinking – “Why is no one helping me? Why is my mom not listening to me? I need help NOW!”
When we’re facing troubles and cry and question God, imagine how he feels. He wants to help. He knows how to help. But he can’t help us unless we ask. Unless we give up the sobbing and screaming and just understand that when we give up to God, He comes to our rescue. But we can’t be stubborn. We can’t be prideful. We have to die to Christ in order for Him to intervene in our lives.
Once I felt convicted, I immediately started praying. I can’t even remember all I prayed, but I’m pretty sure it was along the lines of rebuking the devil and saying how stupid he is, as well as asking God for peace. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter the words you say, it’s the matter of your heart. After praying, I started speaking in tongues (a whole other topic I may write about some time). Within a minute of praying, Isaac calmed down and fell asleep. He went from psycho, out-of-control baby, choking and screaming, to peaceful baby calmly sleeping within a minute. All parents know that’s only possible with God.
Of course, being the person I am, I started thinking he choked and was no longer breathing. I quickly reached my hand in the backseat and felt by his nose. He gave a big sigh right as I was feeling in his air ways. God even spoke to me then, saying – I always provide, if only you ask.

“If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”
Matthew 21:22

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