Merry Monday – You are more

I’ve been hearing countless stories the past couple weeks of people who are ashamed of their past.  I’ve heard stories of people who feel like they can’t be forgiven for what they’ve done.  They feel alone.  They feel like they can’t change.  What it sounds like they’re really saying is that they don’t trust that God loves them.  They don’t see themselves the way He sees them.  I’m here to say that’s all a lie.  I suppose this post is somewhat of a continuation of yesterday’s post, but I felt it needed to be reiterated.  I mean really, can talking about an unmistakable love ever get old?

Here’s a song by Tenth Avenue North that speaks my heart for all of you.  God loves you no matter what you’ve done.  He’s given you the gift of living, and better than that, the ultimate gift – Jesus Christ.

I pray this uplifts your day in however you may need it.  Happy merry Monday!

xoxo, T

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