Merry Monday – A little improv

It’s technically Tuesday, but who cares. We could all use a little bit of merry 🙂

Check out this video and let me know your thoughts on it.  I’ve always wanted to be a part of a flash mob.  This is very similar.

Crazy, right? What do you think?

I hope you guys had a marvelous Merry Monday!

xoxo, T

2 responses to “Merry Monday – A little improv

  1. That is the coolest vid but at the same time, kinda weird! I mean, can you imagine what that must have been like to be there and all of a sudden hundreds of people freeze? No movement! In mid action, just stopped. You’d definitely begin to wonder if some kind of freaky mind control thing was going on!!!! Invaded by aliens! LOL!

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