Serving Saturday Update

This is a quick update for all of you participating in last Saturday’s opportunity of helping a little girl afford her treatment of getting healed from cancer.

Just to quickly recap: With last Saturday’s post, Tristan told us about a girl who has cancer that can’t afford her treatment.  However, the doctors said for however many bags of bottle caps saved (any plastic bottle lid), they will take off $500 from her treatment per bag.

Think of how easy it is to save lids to bottles.  It’s just as easy to save the lids as it is to throw them away.  So why not save them in order to save a life?  Let’s get as involved as we can on this opportunity!

Tristan wrote last Saturday that an address was still unavailable for where to send the lids.  Guess what? Now we have an address!  The only catch is that since it’s a P.O. Box, the lids can only be sent through USPS, not UPS or FedEx.  If any of you live close to me and can’t afford shipping something (I know it’s tough for those college kiddos), feel free to let me know and I’ll deliver them to Tristan myself.


Tristan House

P.O. Box 4191

Hammond, LA 70402

I hope all of you are able to participate in any way, whether small or large, in this opportunity.  Even if only a few lids are collected, you’re still making a difference in a child’s life.

Last week I suggested decorating boxes to make the project a little more interesting.  Here are a couple picture’s of some boxes being used:


See how easy it is? So get your inner child on, or tell a child to help you, and have fun!

xoxo, T

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