From fun-fact to f-ed up Friday’s

Fun-fact Friday has been tweaked.  Friday’s will now be referred to as “F-ed Up Friday’s” (thanks to my wonderful brother’s help – although I had tons of great suggestions)!

This name has a two-fold meaning.  “F-ed up” can mean “effed up”, but when removing the dash, it says “fed up”.  So for Friday’s, I’m going to write about things happening in the world that I think are “effed up” and I’m “fed up” with it.  It’ll also be a great warm-up to Serving Saturday’s.  For example, let’s say I write about how I think starving children in the world is effed up and I’m fed up with it, so on Saturday I can suggest an organization that helps put an end to world hunger.  Catch my drift?

Just to reiterate, this isn’t just my blog, but YOURS as well.  If you’re just flat out “fed up” with things that are “effed up” and going on in society today, then you get your frustrations out.  This is a “free speech alley” blog (as it would be referred to at LSU).

So to kick us off…

I’m FED UP with the way discipline is handled in society today, and it’s EFFED UP.

Let me ask you a question.  Put your self in this situation: if you have a child who is about to touch something very hot like a stove, would you sit back and say, “don’t touch” and not try to physically back them away?  Or would you say, “don’t touch” and pull them away from the stove?  If you’ve had any type of experience with children, you know that no matter how hard you verbally tell them not to do something, they’re still going to do it out of curiosity.  Either you have to physically do something to distract them or get them to realize there’s a consequence, or they’re going to touch that hot stove and burn themselves.  No, you don’t want to hurt them physically because you love them, but you also don’t want them to burn their sweet, little fingers.  So out of love, would you rather watch them burn themselves, or physically do something so they don’t hurt themselves?

This is the same thinking when it comes to physical discipline.  I fully believe in spanking; it puts the fear of respect into the one getting spanked.  The bible clearly says, “do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish them with the rod, they will not die. Punish them with the rod and save them from death” (Proverbs 23:13-14).  However, society today has become very sensitive to physically touching children at all.  It used to be almost as a requirement before the 1960’s to spank children whenever they did something foolish.  Now, people are looked down upon if they spank a child, god-forbid someone else’s child.  Maybe less using the rod has become the result for higher percentages in teenage pregnancies, crime rates, high school drop-outs, suicides, drug and alcohol abuse, etc.  At what point did spanking out of love turn into abuse?  Why is there an age limit on spanking?

Here’s a video that has been floating around the internet of a father who takes action against his daughter for the way she speaks about her family.  Do you think her parents gave her spankings?  If so, did they quit spanking her at a small age and just start verbally punishing her, rather than physically “pulling her from the stove”?

(Disclaimer: there is slight cursing involved in this video.)

How do you view spanking?  Is it abuse or love?

xoxo, T

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