Thankful Thursday – Forgiveness

One thing you’ll learn about me through this blog is that I can be a pretty cheesy person at times.  But I expect you all to be cheesy with me.  So can I get a woop-woop for Thankful Thursday?

I hope you all had an awesome Wishful Wednesday yesterday although I wasn’t able to post.  I had an unintended busy Wednesday yesterday and I apologize for not getting around to writing.  I’m realizing how hectic life can be when I have church priorities, family and friends, and school to keep up with as well as writing a blog daily.  But I’ll work on it and try my best not to skip again 🙂

I loved how last week’s thankful Thursday went down.  I had lots of feedback from people thanking loved ones and saying how much they enjoyed Thursday’s posts.  After much thinking, I’m considering creating a theme each Thursday.  No one has to follow the theme if they want to post a letter.  I’m mainly doing this for myself (and to have a more interesting title).  I find it’s much easier to write a thank you letter to someone I’m fond of and get along with.  But what about people in your life who have hurt you, but maybe at one time loved you?  What about people you used to be close with, but as time went on you drifted apart?  For this weeks letter, I’m going to label it forgiveness.  I’m going to write about someone who hurt me when I was younger.  I realized later on how much him hurting me actually helped me see life in a different perspective.  In a way I want to thank him.

So I encourage you to think back to a time in your life that you’ve been deeply wounded by someone you love.  Try to thank them, not necessarily for whatever it is they did to you, but for a different time when you used to get along.  I’m praying for today that through a thank you letter to the person that hurt you, freedom will be restored and you’ll both be able to forgive yourselves and each other.

With that being said, here’s our second letter.

Letter #2

February 9, 2012

Dear you,

Although you hurt me physically and emotionally, I want to thank you.  If you wouldn’t have done what you did, I don’t think I’d be who I am with where I am today.  Sure, God would have gotten me here somehow, but it would be so, so different.  I wouldn’t be able to relate to women as much.  I wouldn’t have gone chasing for answers from things of the world.  I wouldn’t have pointed fingers and blamed God.  I would be different in every way.

I pray for you continuously that God will bless your life. You’re married now and I pray He blesses your family.  I forgave you a long time ago.  I told you I did and I hope you knew I was being truthful.  I hope you were able to let go of what has happened in your life and what you did to me.  I hope you don’t have demons haunting you.

I know God has a huge calling on your life.   I pray that what happened doesn’t hinder you from reaching your full potential.

Because of what happened, I plan to put an end to it.  I don’t want what happened to me to happen to other women, children, and even males.  No one deserves that.  So thank you.  In a way, you ignited a fire in my heart that God put there.  You fanned the flame.



5 responses to “Thankful Thursday – Forgiveness

  1. (disclaimer: After I went back and read it, it seems a little repetitive once again I apologize to anyone who gets upset obute badd spilling and really long run on sentences that seem like they are never going to end because there is never a period)

    Dear you,

    I met you when I was young and we quickly became friends, you gave me the courage to talk to people without being embarrassed, you introduced me to new cool friends, you made me laugh and have a good time no matter what. I thought that we were meant for each other. In high school when I was struggling and the kids in the hall turned away from me and whispered behind my back, I turned to you. You comforted me, I felt so alone but you gave me peace.
    I came to depend upon you, I couldn’t do anything without you. I couldn’t wake up or go to sleep unless you were there. I couldn’t be around people, I couldn’t go out in public without you with me. I stole for you, I lied for you, I cheated for you, I go arrested for you, I dropped out of school for you, I missed important family engagements for you, I got rid of friends for you. You became my number one priority in life, nothing else mattered except you. You became my only reason for living, which is ironic because you were killing me.
    I would like to blame this all on you. But I know now that I had a part in it too. I made the decisions that I made and therefore I can’t place it all on you.
    I ran from you. At 17 I left my hometown, my family, my friends, everything I ever knew to get away from you, I moved to Montana, then Louisiana. You followed me. You follow me still to this day, always just one step behind me, waiting for me to make a mistake, to slip, to fall back to you. I don’t need you anymore; I have learned to be successful and happy without you in my life. I had to relearn how to live life on my own.
    Even with all of this, I thank you. Without knowing what the worst is like, it’s hard to know what the best is. Separating myself from you allowed me to find a relationship with god that wouldn’t have been possible before you. Separating myself from you I found new friends that actually care about me. Separating myself from you enabled me to create a better relationship with my family than I ever could have imagined. And finally separating myself from you gave me important knowledge that I can now pass on to others who want to escape from you.
    Because of what happened between us I am able to appreciate my life today. I used to not care if I lived or died, I used to not care about tomorrow, I used to not care how my life would end up. Our pasts can be our greatest assets. Thanks for showing me hell, now I can enjoy living, and be ready for heaven.


    • Jordan-
      Thank you for your second letter. I love that you’re not afraid to be open with the public. I must admit this letter definitely has a different tone than last weeks. It sounds like this person has made a huge impact on who you are today. You mentioned them following you everywhere. I have someone doing that to me as well. Have you confronted them about it?

      • I believe that i really didn’t make it clear as to who (what) i was speaking too, as i read you post i tried to look back at all the things in my life and figure out if there was actually anyone that i was still upset with, but the only thing that came to my mind was drugs and alcohol. So i wrote to addiction? <—haha that sounds really strange. Anyways wow, that is crazy that you have someone like that. I am no expert on the matter but i would have to think that open and honest confrontation would be the best option.. then again, i have absolutely no idea what the situation is so my advise probably would not be relevant.

      • Oh, I absolutely love your approach on it!!
        Yeah, there is someone in my life like that. But he’s no threat physically, so even though I’ve confronted him and he doesn’t listen, I’ll just leave it be for now. Thanks for the input 🙂

  2. I imagine that is pretty frustrating (i could think of much more lewd words to describe that) And thank you for the inspiration.

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