Serving Saturday’s

Saturday’s are going to be serving Saturdays. However, I think this should be an anthem for our lives throughout every day of the week.
For serving Saturday, we’ll do just that – serve. It isn’t a requirement and no one is holding a gun to your head saying you absolutely must do whatever is written. But I can assure that you’ll be greatly rewarded.
For our first serving saturday, I’m going to suggest something that’s currently going on in my local community and is happening very soon (sorry about the last minute timing).  Eventually I’m going to write about opportunities to serve all over the united states, but for today, this will be happening in little Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Where: Healing Place Church
Goal: to make sure every person has at least one pair of shoes.
What to do: If you have a pair of shoes you don’t wear anymore or just feel compelled to give away, then Healing Place Church will gladly take them. However, they ask that whatever shoes given to be lightly worn. We want these people to feel nice in their shoes! It’s not necessary to go out and buy shoes, but if you’d like, there’s no shame in your game.
How to achieve: If you don’t live anywhere close to Baton Rouge, then this serve event may not be for you (unless you can get there on time). But if you’d like to donate some shoes, then email me and I’ll make sure they get to HPC.
Address of HPC: 19202 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, LA
Phone Number of HPC:  225.753.2273
If you have an event going on in your area, let me know and I’ll help spread the word!
As for the rest of your Saturday, I hope it treats you well!
xoxo, Taylor

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