Fun Fact Friday’s

The title says it all.  Friday’s will now be entitled “Fun Fact Friday’s”.  However, this is subject to change.  Honestly, I couldn’t think of a good title for Friday’s that would go along with the type of day it is.  I wanted something fun and interesting, since Friday’s are the best day of the week (in most cases)!  So if someone suggests a better title for Friday’s (via twitter or email) or I can think of a different one, then I won’t hesitate to change.  But who knows? Learning about useless fun facts may turn Friday’s into even better days!

Fun fact #1:  If you create clockwise circles on the ground with your right foot and draw a 6 in the air with your right hand at the same time, your foot will automatically switch to going counterclockwise.

We all know you just tried it, and now your mind is blown.  Don’t worry, it’s nearly impossible to control.  There was an interview done with Jackie Chan where he was able to do something similar to our first fun fact.  He drew circles with his right hand, squares with his left, and triangles with his right leg.  The only way to control your foot from going the opposite direction is by having control over the separation of your mind and body.  According to the Journal of Experimental Psychology, “…the brain is the sophisticated wiring that controls our muscle movements. Because of how we are programmed, the brain naturally has more trouble coordinating movements that are in different directions, or non-isodirectional.”

It IS possible to control, but usually takes much practice.  It’s just like people say it’s nearly impossible to raise one eyebrow.  Sure, people can easily raise both at the same time, but rarely one.  However, I can raise one at a time and even do a dance with them (I have amazing skillz, I know 😉 ).  So don’t quickly write it off as being impossible.  Keep at it and one day you can accomplish separating your mind from your body (if you can’t already do that).

Like I’ve said many times before, if you have any fun, interesting, been-searching-for-that-info-my-whole-life facts, PLEASE enlighten the public of your knowledge! Instead of just listing the fact, explain it either in a short paragraph or in a detailed post.  I’d love to hear all about your random tidbits of useless information!

xoxo, Taylor


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