Thankful Thursday’s

Thursday’s are going to be labeled “Thankful Thursday’s”.  Why, you ask?  Because I believe it’s important to thank people who have influenced us in any way, whether slight or large, negative or positive; it can be about a family member, friend, politician, or famous person.  It can even be about someone you’ve never met.  It’s through thanking other people that we’re humbled and maybe even able to move on from a situation in our lives that we’ve had trouble getting over.

For Thankful Thursday’s, I’d like to change the format around.  Rather than just writing a regular blog post, I’d like to entitle it “Dear you…from me.”  Meaning, it’ll be in a letter format.  No one will know who I’m writing to.  If YOU as the reader ever feel the need to thank someone on Thankful Thursday’s, then please feel free to drop your letter in the comments.  If you’d like me to post a letter that you’d like to be publicized, then also feel free to email it to me.  I’ll post it for the next Thankful Thursday.

To kick us off, here’s the first letter.

Letter #1

February 2, 2012

Dear you,

You’ll most likely not even read this.    If you do end up stumbling across this, you probably won’t guess it’s about you.  Although we haven’t known each other for too long, you’ve impacted my life in many different ways that I want to thank you for.  Every time we got together, you had no problem making me laugh.  We had some deep discussions that I didn’t think I could have with anyone.  It wasn’t too long after we met that I realized how similar we were, and in ways that we differed I was still amazed.  You quickly became my best friend; almost as if we’d known each other our whole lives.  I never admitted this to you, but I remember thinking that we’d get married.  Crazy, I know.  But I had no problem letting that thought take over because of how similar we were.

It saddens me that things happened causing us not to talk anymore, but I have hopes that one day in the future we’ll cross each other’s paths again.

You’ve had some things happen in your life that broke my heart to hear, but I wanted to help you so badly.  I realized after we quit talking that I couldn’t be your savior, nor could you be mine.  If my thought of us getting married actually were the case, then I believe we’ve been separated for a reason.  I feel like we grew too close too quickly.  I started going to you for advice rather than going to God or my parents.  But something I loved about you was that you encouraged me to go to God even when I did go to you.

And for that I want to thank you.

After what happened that caused us to quit talking, I realized I needed to get straight with God.  You deciding to separate yourself from me helped in more ways than one.  It gave me a new perspective on what I was doing and how it was wrong.

Since we don’t talk anymore, all I can do is pray for you.  I pray for you almost every day.  I hope that you’ve gotten your issues straightened out and are moving on with your life.  I hope that you find what you’re looking for.  I hope that we meet again.

Until then, I’ll be waiting, praying, and hoping that whatever is supposed to happen, happens.

With all my love,


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3 responses to “Thankful Thursday’s

  1. (disclaimer: I do not know who you are “founded on the seas”, however i came upon this blog while browsing through the internet and enjoy it. so i decided that i would go out on a limb and leave a comment. i have horrible grammar, run on sentences, and spelling, so please excuse that.)


    Dear: You

    lets see…. where to start…
    You raised me. you taught me to love, god, strong worth ethic, importance of family, respect of others, how to choose for myself, how to drive, how to waterski, how to pound a nail and drive a screw, how to plant a tree and dig a hole, how to ice skate, to tie my shoes, say my prayers and many many other things.

    But as I sit here and reflect on all that I have learned from you, I have come to somewhat of a realization, that a lot of things you didn’t teach me directly, but through example… i will take a moment to expound on this. The following paragraphs will be on this subject.

    I don’t remember if you ever taught me or if we ever had the conversation of how to treat a woman, but you didn’t need to. For the time that I have been alive I have seen how you treat mom, how you respect her, how you talk openly with her and take her advice. How you LOVE

    You have always had an amazing work ethic. You work hard! I don’t know many people at all who have been as successful as you have without even finishing college. You succeeded because you always follow through with what you say. You do what needs to be done until it is done. Some days you work late, weekends, and nights, but you do it because you care about the work you do. Someday I hope to have just half the passion that I see you have for your work.

    Never pay someone else to do something you can do yourself. Someday am going to make a woman soo happy, I’ll be able to remodel bathrooms, build shelves, raise decks, excavate ponds, wallpaper rooms, install lights and fans, and build bunk beds. All because of you. These are skills I am so happy to have, many a day I have needed something fixed or had to help someone do something and have been able to do so because of you.

    Have strong family bonds. The connections and relationships we share not only with our immediate family, but our extended as well is awesome. I believe it to be a rarity these days that people can be so comfortable and honest and supportive with relatives.

    Have some fun. You sure work damn hard for you money but you know how to use it! I can’t imagine how people can go through life slaving away at their jobs saving and saving and being tight asses never wanting to spend a penny. Sure someday when they grow old and retire they will have more of it to use and pass on to their loved ones but I don’t think that that’s the point. You took us on vacations to Mexico and Florida and Colorado, bought a boat and place to spend time together at the lake; you bought me cars, and dirt bikes, snowmobiles, roller blades, skateboards, computers, waterskies, tubes, sleds, snowboards and so much more. These are things and experiences that are so much more valuable to me then some inheritance someday. These are memory’s to be looked back at and smile, they are lessons to enjoy life!

    Random person: “hey there how are you”
    You: “not bad, how bout yourself?”
    I don’t know if you realize how often you say that but it is a quote that I have come to use myself. Shake like a man, look him in the eyes. I believe one of my greatest assets in life is the ability to talk to people. Believe it or not I think this came from watching you. It’s amazing how many people don’t know how to start or hold a conversation, how to speak with authority and respect. That doesn’t seem to be a problem with us and I think it will lead me far in life.

    Be nice to people. Of course this is something that is preached by many parents, religions, and schools, but it is something that I see you live every day. I can’t remember one time where I have seen you treat someone else poorly no matter how much of a jerk they were being. Hold open the door for others, wave and say hi to strangers, pick up money that someone dropped and give it back to them, see someone struggling and ask if they need help. You do things without being asked. You have filled up my and moms gas tanks just because you noticed they were low. You see a weed in an improper place and you pull it (even if you have no idea who the landscape belongs too)

    How to be a father. The unconditional love that you have shown me is truly amazing. I think we can all admit that I have in the past been a pretty horrible son, but did that stop you? Hell no! If anything it pushed you harder! You never gave up man, never. You loved me and continue to love me so much. I’ve noticed that you don’t seem to like to talk about those days when it was bad for those years, but I believe at least for me that it is important for me to look back on those times, to look at how I was and how you were. I am having a hard time trying to describe it and I think the best way for me to say it is that you LOVE. and when I say love I don’t mean the love like the kind where you love you house or your dog or a type of food or your girlfriend, I mean that you absolutely with your heart or soul or whatever you would call it LOVE, you entirely and completely care. Of course you know this because you feel it, but the reason I say it is because I want you to know that I SEE it, I FEEL it.

    I love you. I love you so much; I love the relationship we have. I value it. You are so important to me. I love that I can call you anytime with any problem or just to talk and you are always there, you are always available to me.

    I want to bring up this one last story because I think about it a lot. I remember when I was in hazelden and how our relationship was while I was in there, I remember having the feeling that I couldn’t tell you that I loved you, that I wouldn’t hug you. I remember getting out of hazelden, and you were so proud! You were so proud of me. And at the time I was driving the intrepid but I was always bugging you about wanting a new car but finally the day came where we ended up at Adamson motors to get that new car. Did I really need a new car? No. not at all but I think that you were so proud of me and our relationship was still not the greatest, I still would rarely hug you and I wouldn’t tell you that I loved you, that you bought me that car. When you bought that car and I was about to get into the car and drive out of the parking lot while you stayed and filled out the paper work, I ran up to you and I hugged you and I told you I loved you. Now I don’t know if you bought me that car because you thought I needed it but I have often thought about it and think that you bought it because you just wanted that hug, you just wanted that “I love you” that I had refused to give you. Well I do love you, and I can say that now with complete truth and honesty. I can hug you all the time and not get tired of it. I can talk to you one on one for hours and hours about all sorts of shit and enjoy it.

    I love you. Thank you for everything!

    Love, Me

    • Dear anonymous reader,
      Reading your letter almost brought me to tears. I love hearing stories from friends or family about a person who has impacted their lives in such a way like this person has in yours. If I may suggest, you should show them this letter. You mentioned him buying you a car just to hear you say you loved him. Could you imagine what this letter would do?
      Thank you for the feedback. I hope this blog lives up to your expectations!

      PS – In response to your disclaimer: don’t worry about your grammar, I didn’t notice anything wrong!

      • congratulations on being the most interesting (and by interesting i mean cool and awesome) person that i have ever met (and by met i mean i read your blog and you responded to a comment i posted on said blog)

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