New beginnings

I’ve blogged online for years, but it never seems to stick.  I have hopes that this one will.  I write in my journal quite often, but that’s a different type of outlet for me. I can be more personal on written paper; less personal and more about the world online.

I’m subscribed to the usual social networks – Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc, (I use them in that order), but I want to have a place that I can be free to write whatever thoughts come to mind.  So why not do that on Tumblr, you ask? Because I use Tumblr as my outlet for uploading things I find funny.  I tried submitting a few random thoughts, but it just didn’t feel right.

Much of the things I write may be about how I view the world, or simply about my day.  Either way, I hope whomever’s eyes finds this will think of it as nothing but interesting.

xoxo, Taylor

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